Hi! I’m Matthew from Iloilo City, Philippines. I’m a 15 year old student.

I really love to travel. I feel really happy whenever I get to travel to new places and discover new things. In line with that, I like to take pictures (of myself hehe). Aside from that, I like to take pictures of views like beaches, mountains, etc.

I’m also a volleyball player. I have been into the sport since 2014. I usually play as opposite spiker however if the need arises, I can switch to other positions. I am a fan of the De La Salle University Lady Spikers.

This blog will mostly contain my travels, but from time to time, I will be posting my thoughts and opinions on different matters (like volleyball).

I invite you guys to read my first travel blog post above. Please feel free to give me suggestions on how I could make my site better (P.S. I’m just a newbie).

If you guys have questions, for now, please DM me on Instagram (@thelifeofmatyo).

So, that’s all. 🙂



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